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Welcome to our blog, which will be filled with exciting news pertaining to the ancient world!  We have put down our wax tablets and styli to venture into this new-fangled realm of cyberspace.Mr Cooper is really rather flustered by it all.  It has taken him some time and multiple attempts to work out that, unlike a papyrus scroll, you do not need to unroll a computer.  Whilst our dominus was grappling with this mysterious new machinery and wondering what on earth this thing called the internet is, Dr Gruzelier was looking across at him from behind her loom, shaking her head in bemusement.

‘di immortales!’ exclaimed Mrs Kavanagh, dropping her mortarium, in which she had been pounding up rotten fish guts to make garum for the evening cena.  ‘bloggum habemus?’

‘ita vero’ replied Mrs Coetzee, who was aiding Dr G in a bit of lanam fecit-ing.  ‘bloggus optimus in tota orbe terrarum est.’

Ms Chambers rolled her eyes and plugged herself back into her iPod.



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